One of the main tourist attractions in Odessa (Ukraine) is definitely the famous Potemkin Steps. These steps go down to the maritime station, nearby being the Commercial Port of Odessa, the most important in Ukraine. Before descending these steps we find the statue of the Duke of Richelieu, in whose honor it was named one of the main arteries of the city. In 1837 someone decided to build a “monstrous staircase” to facilitate access to the port. The construction of these steps was carried out between 1837 and 1841. A gray-green sandstone imported from the Austrian port of Trieste (currently in Italy) was used for this construction.

Potemkin Stairs cams

One of the webcams is located right next to the steps, oriented towards the maritime station. The second webcam offers a panoramic view of these impressive steps. The staircase has a length of 142 meters and a level difference of 27 meters, a panoramic view was needed.