Red Light District Amsterdam

This live webcam is from Red Light District, Amsterdam, Netherlands, one of the oldest areas of the city. For many men it is the most interesting place in Amsterdam. Why? Because in this place they find prostitutes exposed directly in the window. De Wallen Red Light District has 225 Window Brothels and is the most popular of the three areas allocated to prostitution in this city. Approximately 375 prostitutes work here legally and a window can be rented by a prostitute with amounts between 80 and 180 euros. If you want to have a prostitute, the minimum amount you have to pay is 50 euros for 15/20 minutes of carnal pleasure. It is good to know that taking pictures of prostitutes is considered disrespectful.

Red Light District Amsterdam webcam

The webcam is located right in the area De Wallen Red Light District and the Oudezijds Voorburgwal canal. There are also 50 webcams monitored by the police in this place. Drinking alcohol on the street is prohibited but smoking cannabis outside is allowed.

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