The Roman city is located in northeastern Romania and has approximately 50,000 inhabitants. Is at a distance of 82 kilometers west from the city Iasi and at 105 kilometers south of Suceava. The first documentary attestation dates from March 30, 1392. Around the First World War, a military repair shop was set up, which was later transformed into the Army Arsenal. Several personalities of Romanian cultures were born in this area: Miron Costin (1633 – 1691), Otilia Cazimir (1894 – 1967) poet, Cezar Petrescu (1892 – 1961) prose writer, etc.

Roman webcams

First webcam is from Municipal Park or formerly the Great Garden. The park dates from 1906 and covers an area of 13.3 hectares, in which we find a lake. Webcam number 2 is in the center of Roman.